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Leads drive the sales funnel.  That's a fact.  But driving a steady flow of leads into the funnel is probably marketing's hardest task.  That's where Certified Contacts comes in.  The Certified Contacts database has literally millions of names, and each one is detailed with extreme granularity.  This allows you to design a search solution that will match your marketing campaign needs precisely.  

“Ok.  I'm just slightly blown away by this database.  It's like PubMed merged with LinkedIn on steriods. Cool tool superior.”

- Sales Director of Scientific Instruments Company


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Finally, A Real World Example

We Already Did That Thing That You Want us to Do.  we'll show it to you a step at a time.

What can you do with Certified Contacts?

1.  We looked for investigators in the field of induced pluripotent stem cells.   

The worldwide number is 14,268

2.  We narrowed the list to only those in the US. 

The new number is 4,924

3.  We removed anyone who does not have at least $5M in active grant funding. Now we're getting serious.

The count was reduced to 754

4.  Finally, we took out anyone who did not have at least 100 peer-reviewed publications.

And, voila, the number of iPSC investigators working in the United States with more than $5M in grants and more than 100 publications is 535.  

And - here's the good part - we have detailed data on each and every one. 

Cool?  You bet. 

Search by keyword

Keywords are the basic foundation of a target list.  Use as many keywords as you like to identify scientists most likely to be interested in your offering. 

Select by geography

Keep your marketing geographically focused to support a sales rep, promote a local seminar, fuel a new distributor, or for many other reasons. 

Select by funding.  

Information about active grant funding is available for every name in the Certified Contacts database.  Aim your marketing at people who can buy.

Yeah, You’re Interested? We Can Also:

1. Create networks based around scientists you already know by finding all of the people they've published with over the years.  Makes for a uniquely focused marketing strategy.

2. Find investigators who are like ones you already know, a feature that helps you extend your learning to identify new contacts with a high sales likelihood.  

 Help you locate investigators involved in clinical trials, so you can either get involved or build relationships for the future.



Be sure to read this entire page.  

There's a very special offer at the end. 

Find the heavy hitters  

Want to see whose published more than 100 papers?  Or more than 200?  Publication activity will tell you a lot about the true influencers in your market.

Don't forget about the very special offer at the end of this page

Psst.!  Remember there's a very special offer at the end of this page.

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To convince you that Certified Contacts is possibly the most amazing marketing tool you will every find, we will give you 
50 leads, for free.

Exactly.  For free.  No cost.  

You will get all the details of the exact customer types you are targeting.  Yours to keep, forever.  We think it will just sharpen your appetite for more. 

So fill out the form and let's get your leads to you asap!  

yes, we can do a lot with certified contacts. 

but what can you do?

here are the programs we have for you.

Buy the leads

Yup, buy them outright.  We'll work with you to design just the search you need and then give you the leads, lock, stock and barrel. 

Rent the leads

If you rather have us do the heavy lifting, we'll find the leads you need and then run a contact program for them.  You get to keep any 'clickers'.

Get a Lead subscription

New leads show up all the time.  Once you define a search you want, you can subscribe to receive newly appearing leads that match the criteria.  A great way to stay very on top of your market.

Do a Full-on  Campaign

The whole enchilada.  We're set up to find your leads and take them all the way through the marketing automation mill, using every tool at our disposal.  It's a complete marketing campaign, right out of the box. 

Hey, did you forget about the very special offer?

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